Back in the Saddle Again

Stand Up Microphone

I’ve been getting on stage again and it feels good. I’m settled in here in Orlando and am ready to start frequenting the local open mics. Being a bigger city, Orlando seems to have at least a couple shows almost everyday of the week, which is fantastic. The biggest goal I’ve set for myself is to keep writing new material, sketches and short stories. I’ve decided I will be pursuing a degree in creative writing and I want to make putting pen to paper part of a daily routine. Talking about myself is boring and unsubstantial so hopefully I’ll be able to write about things that interest a wider audience.  I’ve uploaded my latest feature set and hope to be posting a bunch more now that I have access to some film equipment. Big thanks to Josh Stone for helping with the video editing and intro tiles. I’m fairly certain the video quality over represents the joke quality.

YouTube Preview Image
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